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Welcome to the Gym of Social Mechanics! We are thrilled to have you as a member of our community. 


Members may sign up for a class using the Spaces app or website schedule 26 hours in advance of that particular class time. Why 26 hours? Well, (i) we don’t want you be signing up for the next day’s class during today’s class, and (ii) we have found that we receive a more accurate headcount of attendance when we allow sign-ups only one day in advance, which allows our coaches to better prepare for classes.

You must sign up for classes to attend. Members who do not sign up for classes may incur a $10 fee for first incident, and a $25 fee for all future incidents. 


Our class sizes are limited, so we need to ensure we maximize that capacity. If you sign up for class and cancel within two hours of that class, you’ll be charged a late cancellation fee of $10. We understand emergencies happen, but please do your best to make it into any class you sign up for. We don’t want to charge you! 


All Monthly Unlimited membership plans are paid by monthly automatic electronic payment (credit card, debit card, or automatic checking account draft). Monthly Unlimited memberships will automatically renew each month at the same payment terms and billing date established at time of enrollment.



Monthly Unlimited memberships can be canceled at any time using  the Membership Cancellation Form. All plans and monthly memberships require a minimum of 30  days written notice to assure cancellation or proration of automatic payments. You will be billed pro rata for any of the 30 days that occur after your next auto payment.You will have 30 days from the date of your cancellation form submission  to use the facilities. It is your responsibility to provide written notice 30 days in advance of your desired final day of membership. There will be no refund issued once a payment has been charged to your credit card, except any proration of a future charge as necessary.


Clients may put their membership on freeze or hold, for a period no less than thirty (30) days (or one calendar month), and for up to ninety (90) days (three calendar months) per calendar year for medical reasons only. You may be asked to submit proof of medical necessity. All payments drawn prior to the requested hold will not be refunded. Clients will not be billed for frozen months, and billing will resume automatically upon the end of the freeze period. Holds longer than ninety (90) days may be issued for members of the military on temporary duty assignment with advanced notification. If a client chooses to cancel membership during the hold or freeze period, the client must cancel pursuant to the standard membership cancellation terms above, which may subject the client to one final payment drawn from the client’s account.

For medical membership freezes, please contact


These Membership Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the Gym of Social Mechanic’s sole discretion.


Last updated: January 22, 2023

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