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Lower Greenville's Neighborhood Gym 

Social Mechanics first opened in 2013 in a small space next to HG Sply Co. Restaurant on Greenville Ave.

The gym was founded on the premise that moving well and eating well are essential components of a healthy, strong body and we had a close relationship with HG Sply Co. 

In 2020, a few members of the gym took over when the founders decided to re-focus their efforts and put the gym up for sale.

2021 saw the exciting growth in membership that lead to the move into the current space at 1808 Greenville Ave. Run Club happy hours are still often hosted at HG Sply Co. 

The turf and mirror in the back of our current gym pay homage to the tenant of the building before us, Good Records, and performances they hosted - Live from the Astroturf.

Healthy, strong bodies and a connected community continue to be our main focus. 

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